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Candace Washington, MSW, LMSW
Licensed Social Worker, Therapist, Author, and Veteran

I have a few questions before moving forward.

  • Do you want to provide your organization with mental health and wellness programming?

  • Do you want to address the readiness and retention of your employees?

  • Do you need assistance facilitating employees to engage in difficult-to-resolve talks around mental health?

Do any of these questions ring a bell? I've provided you with all the information you'll need to help you before having a consultation for your next event.

What are my key topics?


Emotional Intelligence: Improving Employee Emotional Competence


Improving Mental and Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace


Let's Talk Suicide: Suicidal Ideation and Crisis Management


Suffering in Silence: Addressing Sexual Harassment and Assault

What types of formats do I provide?


  • Lecture: I will present on the selected topic. My personal experiences are combined with my clinical knowledge to make the presentation more engaging, motivating, and personable.


  • Breakout Session: I will present in smaller groups on a specialized area of expertise on the provided topic, frequently a sub-topic of the central event theme.


  • Keynote Speech: I will offer the event's opening or closing remarks to establish the theme and tone.


  • Workshop: I will facilitate real-time training. These can be single or multi-day events that go longer than any of the other formats described, making them the most intensive.


*In-person and virtual sessions are both offered.


What are the rates for my services?


$2,000+ for 45-90 minutes 


$4,250+ for 1-day workshops (6-7 hours)


$6,500+ for Multi-day workshops

*Travel costs and lodging are discussed during contracting. 


What will you take away?


  • Assessing for Risk and Harm

  • Crisis Intervention Strategy

  • De-escalation Techniques 

  • Identifying Stress and Burn-Out

  • Implementing Self-Care Activities

  • Mechanisms of Healthy Coping 

  • Recognizing Mental Health Crisis

  • Victimization Restructuring 

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